Crowns & Bridges

For tooth that are misshapen, uneven in size, heavily decayed, discolored, chipped, broken or at a high risk of breaking due to the weaken structure after a root canal treatment.
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A crown may be needed or recommended to you for various reasons. For tooth that are misshapen, uneven in size, heavily decayed, discolored, chipped, broken or at a high risk of breaking due to the weaken structure after a root canal treatment.
Due to advances in technology, you can have crowns that appear no different to your natural teeth as we try to aim our best match your surrounding teeth colour.
There are many different materials used to create dental crowns. Your dentist will determine which material best suits your needs. Depending on the location of the crown, the dentist may advise any of the following: ceramic or metal crown. This will be discussed in your consultation.


A bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis. It is an option for people who want to replace a missing tooth or teeth and ensure there is no movement from adjacent teeth into the space of the missing tooth.
The teeth beside the space where a tooth once was, serve as anchors for the bridge. These anchor teeth are then prepared to accommodate the crowns. Afterwards, a bridge is bonded securely over these teeth. The replacement tooth, which is called a pontic tooth is attached to the adjacent crowns.
If you would like to discuss other options to replace your missing tooth, feel free to give us a call or book online for a consultation.

How do I get started?

1. Consultation and treatment plan

If you have been recommended or thought about getting a crown, you will first have an initial consultation or already have a treatment plan about your crown or bridge procedure. The dentist will explain the limitations and expectations of this procedure for your specific situation. This appointment will be a great time for you to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have!

1. Consultation and treatment plan

At the first appointment, the dentist will start by preparing the tooth or the adjacent tooth for the crown/bridge. This procedure will require the dentist to shape the natural tooth into a more suitable shape for the crown/bridge to be fitted. The dentist will take some Impressions and shades using our 3D scanner (which means no more messy impressions!) and then sent to a lab for the making of the crown/bridge. To ensure the perfect shade match, the dentist will take some photos of your current tooth shade or even recommend you to visit the lab for the perfect shade match. You will go home that day with a temporary crown so that your daily lifestyle will not be affected and still look and feel like your normal teeth.

3. Issue appointment

On the day of the fitting, usually 2 weeks after, the dentist will try in the crown and adjust any issues you may have and if you are happy with the way, it looks and feels, it will be cemented on to the prepared tooth.

4. New tooth!

After your crown is fitted, it may take some time to adjust to your new tooth but generally you will start to adjust almost instantly after a few hours!

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