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Accidents and unexpected incident can happen anytime. We use our best endeavour to accommodate any emergencies including same day appointments. Best emergency dentist near you. Emergency Dentist Ultimo servicing Ultimo, Pyrmont, Glebe, Haymarket, Broadway, Forest Lodge and beyond.

Agonised white male urgently needing attention from an emergency dentist near me due to severe dental discomfort.

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Emergency Dentist, Highly Professional

Lumina Dental, Ultimo Dentist experienced dentist, Dr. Linda Yoon Chen.

Dr. Linda Yoon Chen

With 14 years in health care, Dr. Linda’s expertise in emergency dentistry extends seamlessly to children, where her gentle demeanour and reassuring presence put both adult and young patients at ease. Being experienced and skilled, she ensures a smooth and stress-free experience even in urgent situations. Dr. Linda’s is a reliable and trusted ally for families seeking immediate care for  dental emergencies.

A Dental Checkup and Clean expert at lumina dental, Dr. Paul Ryu.

Dr. Paul Ryu

With his extensive experience in dental care, Dr. Paul adeptly navigates high-pressure situations with precision and calmness. His quick thinking and decisive actions enable him to address a wide range of dental emergencies, from severe toothaches to traumatic injuries, ensuring swift relief and effective treatment for his patients. Dr. Paul ensures he brings comfort and expertise to those in needs.

When Should You Book For Dental Emergency?

Accidents and unexpected incident can happen anytime. If you experience anything below, call us today to book an emergency dentist appointment.

! Severe Toothache

! Knocked out tooth due to accident

! Wisdom Tooth Pain

! Dental Trauma and Bleeding

! Cracked Tooth and Broken Filling

! Facial Swelling, Infection and Abscess

What Causes Oral Pain?

Tooth decay – if bacteria in plaque erodes the enamel surface of your tooth, this can expose the sensitive nerve endings within the underlying tooth structure (dentine) and can continue to infiltrate into the center of the tooth reaching the pulp

Gum disease – if plaque remains beneath the gum, it can damage the bone that supports your teeth and the roots of your teeth as well. This causes teeth to loosen and ache

Abscesses – tooth decay and gum disease can cause an abscess to form below or alongside the tooth root, which causes pain and spreads infection

Trauma – if your tooth gets chipped or cracked, this can also expose the pulp and put you at risk of infection.

Impaction – if a tooth doesn’t emerge fully from the gums, it can irritate the surrounding nerves, causing pain. This is most common with wisdom teeth and other molars

Bruxism (teeth grinding) – if you grind your teeth at night or during the day, this causes the teeth to wear down over time exposing the sensitive middle layers of teeth. Grinding can also strain the surrounding supporting structures such as jaw muscles and jaw joint

The most important step is to see your dentist as soon as possible, we will take an x-ray to determine the reasons for your toothache and make a plan for treating the tooth. If you are in pain or have broken a tooth, filling, denture, implant or crown, then call us immediately on (02) 8668 4411 and we will find an emergency appointment to treat you as soon as we can!

A QIP Accredited Dental Practice

Lumina Dental houses Ultimo dentists providing you the highest quality dental care. We adhere rigorously to the Australian Dental Association’s stringent guidelines to ensure the highest standard of safety and hygiene. Looking for exceptional dentist near you? Book today with Lumina Dental Ultimo.

Emergency Dentist, Conveniently Located

Looking for the best emergency dentist near me? Feeling Anxious about dental visits? Located at the intersection of William-Henry and Jones Street in Ultimo, Lumina Dental is a relaxing and modern dental clinic. Right next to Ultimo Public School, we are 3 minutes walk away from Conventional Centre Lightrail Station. We provide excellent dental care and services to Ultimo, Pyrmont, Glebe, Haymarket, Broadway and Forest Lodge. Your best emergency dentist Ultimo, Lumina Dental.

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Agonised white male urgently needing attention from an emergency dentist near me due to severe dental discomfort.