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Welcome to Lumina Dental Ultimo, where expert for root canal treatment. We are highly skilled and experienced to ensure your visit is pleasant, while making sure the root canal treatment is properly executed to prevent future recurrence. 

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At Lumina Dental, we will use our best endeavour to save and keep your original teeth. 

The success of root canal treatment is highly dependent on the skills of the dentist. It is a very precise dental treatment involving the removal of infected/dead nerves inside the very small root canal tubes. It requires expert diagnosis as every person has different numbers of canals within a tooth. Moreover, every patients’ canal curves differently. A more curved root is naturally harder to extract, or to extract properly. No more trial and error, Lumina Dental houses the dentists that are highly experienced and skilled in root canal treatments

Root canal therapy at Lumina Dental Ultimo treats the infected or damaged pulp of a tooth, eliminating pain and preventing further infection. This essential treatment preserves natural teeth, avoiding costly replacements and maintaining optimal oral health and function. Post-treatment, a crown is fitted to protect and strengthen the tooth. We prioritise patient comfort and use advanced technology, making the procedure so gentle that many patients fall asleep during treatment.

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Expert Root Canal Treatment: Getting Started

1. Consultation and Treatment Plan

If you have been recommended or thought about getting a root canal treatment, you will first have an initial consultation or already have a treatment plan about your root canal treatment procedure. The dentist will explain the limitations and expectations of this procedure for your specific situation. This appointment will be a great time for you to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have!

2. Extirpation - First Treatment Appointment

At your first treatment appointment, a small opening on top of the tooth will be made to locate and clean the root canals with small files. Then the canals will be rinsed with an antibacterial solution to eliminate the bacteria and medication will be placed inside the canals. The medication will be left inside the tooth and then a temporary filling on top will be placed until your next visit. This initial step will relieve you of the intense pain you may have been experiencing.

3. Instrumentation – Second Treatment Appointment

At your second treatment appointment, usually in 1-2 weeks, the canals will be cleaned more thoroughly and the dentist will eliminate any remaining bacteria and infection left inside the root canals. Measurements of the length of the root canal will be taken and x-rays to confirm, ready for the canals to be filled at the next appointment. Another temporary filling will be placed until your next visit.

4. Obturation – Final Treatment Appointment

At your third and final appointment, usually in 1-2 weeks or when there are no more signs and symptoms of soreness or discomfort, the root is then filled. At this appointment, you can either place a temporary filling or a permanent filling on the treated tooth.
After you have completed your root canal treatment, it is best to have a consultation about getting a crown placed to provide maximum protection for the weakened tooth for the long term.

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