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Preventative Dentistry

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What is preventative dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is the necessary way of reducing the amount of dental treatment required to achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums. The two major causes of tooth loss are dental decay and gum disease, regular check-ups are important to diagnose and treat these issues early before they progress and require more invasive treatment.

At your initial appointment with us, we will assess your entire oral health which includes an oral cancer screening, gum health, TMJ, and of course your teeth!

We always conduct a set of x-rays at your first appointment to check if there is any underlying decay present, assess tooth and bone structure, along with existing restorations such as fillings.

Here at Lumina dental we use the latest technology to ensure maximum results, such as our 3D X-ray for the most precise treatment planning, the DIAGNOdent™, which allows us to check each individual tooth strength and degree of existing decay using a non-invasive laser and our state-of-the-art Airflow® system which removes staining on the teeth like no other. EMS Airflow® guided biofilm therapy uses a combination of air, warm water, and ultrafine powder to help remove plaque, calculus and stains from tooth surfaces. Our dental chairs all come equipped with intra-oral cameras to allow us to show you all the work we have done during your procedure so you can see your before and after or your progress pictures.

Maintaining good oral health is a team effort between you and us.

Here are some tips to maintain your oral health:

• Brush twice daily, morning and night with a fluoride toothpaste
• Floss daily, floss reaches the surfaces in between the teeth that the toothbrush cannot. Without flossing, you are missing 40% of the tooth surface
• Drink plenty of water throughout the day especially after eating to help wash away any residue on the teeth
• Avoid or limit consuming high sugar foods/drinks

What Our Patients Say

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As always, your safety and the safety of our team is our priority.

The Team at Lumina Dental are maintaining full safety measures in accordance with ADA and NSW Health Guidelines.

This means that we are doing the following:

• Limiting the numbers in the clinic at any time
• Conducting a COVID-19 questionnaire and screening
• Patient temperature checks
• Hand sanitiser, wipes, sprays and washes at all points of contact including at the entry to the clinic
• Regular deep cleaning of communal areas
• All patients are treated with pre-procedural mouth rinses.