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Safeguarding Your Smile

About 50% of Australian people have suffered some form of dental injuries, often from sports. Lumina Dental Ulitmo offers custom-made sports mouthguards as an effective solution. These tailored mouthguards provide effective protection, ensuring better safety and comfort for the active lifestyle. Highest Rated dentist servicing Ultimo, Pyrmont, Glebe, Haymarket, Broadway, Forest Lodge and beyond. 

Custom Mouthguard, For Your Safety & Comfort

An injury can result in a loss of one or more teeth, broken or chipped teeth, jaw fractures or injuries to the soft tissue of the mouth. Dental trauma can also include damage to the gums and lips. According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), about one-third of traumatic injuries to teeth are sports-related. Sports Medicine Association Australia suggests that 50% of children experience some form of dental injury.

It is better to prevent than to fix

The good news is that injuries can often be prevented or minimised by using a custom-fitted mouthguard every time you play or train. We make mouthguards that are custom fitted to your mouth, using the latest technology to provide maximum protection and maximum comfort.

What Is A Sports Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a thick, often spongy shield that fits over your teeth. Mouthguards are usually worn during sports and other activities that involve a high risk of impact to the face. They can be helpful outside of sports too. For instance, you might need to use a specialised mouthguard for jaw issues or teeth grinding. Dentists sometimes use special types of mouthguards to help treat snoring or sleep apnoea as well.

Two Types of Mouthguards

an over the counter mouth guard which is not ideal for active people


Over-the-counter (Boil-and-Bite) mouthguards that are self-fitted by immersing in hot water then biting into the mouthguard so it takes the shape of the teeth and mouth. It’s less effective and can be more uncomfortable as it doesn’t conform as well to the person’s bite and anatomy of the jaw. However, if you’re in a fix, a boil-and-bite mouthguard is better than no mouthguard at all.

A child in a yellow outfit proudly displaying a Custom Tailored Sports Mouthguard.

Custom Tailored Mouthguard

Constructed and fitted by a dental professional, a customized mouthguard provides the best protection for your teeth. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth and makes a plaster model to get the closest possible fit. The mouthguard needs to be at least 4mm thick with a cushioning effect that provides protection against impact. It fits snugly so it’s still possible to talk.

Our Current Offer For Custom Mouthguards

If you have decided to get a custom-fitted mouthguard, on your initial appointment, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth. We will give you a call no more than 2 weeks later for you to come and pick them up.

Moreover, we’re offering a special of just $70 on top of your private health fund cover. Without a health fund? Don’t worry, we’re offering a special of $250 at the moment. Don’t miss it! Ask our friendly staff today.

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Lumina Dental are Ultimo dentists providing you the highest quality dental care. We adhere rigorously to the Australian Dental Association’s stringent guidelines to ensure the highest standard of safety and hygiene. Looking for exceptional Forest Lodge dentist? Book today with Lumina Dental Ultimo.

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