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Lumina Dental Ultimo prioritises to help our clients achieving optimal oral health. Our comprehensive checkup and clean extends beyond. A gentle but thorough experience where you will feel the difference. Dentist servicing Ultimo, Glebe, Pyrmont, Broadway, Forest Lodge, Haymarket and surrounds

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Prioritising Your Well-Being and Oral Health

While many dental professionals prefer the title of “cosmetic dentist, we remain true to the fundamental ethos of dentistry – prioritising the oral health of our clients and resolving pain from oral injuries or diseases. Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled dental care, ensuring that our patients’ health and wellbeing is never compromised.

Our comprehensive checkup and clean is thorough and remarkably gentle, ensuring a comfortable experience. With our exceptional skill and diligence and most advanced dental technologies, we provide outstanding dental care. After your visit, you will feel a sense of instant refreshment, as our detailed approach leaves you a feeling of clean and refresh. Trust in our expertise to maintain the health and beauty of your smile.

Your smile is unique, so we tailor our services to your individual needs with the highest standards of care. Experience the perfect blend of advanced technology and personalised attention, to transform your dental visits into a journey of great oral health and radiant smiles. Have you been searching for the “best dentist near me”? Excel in both adults and children’s dentistry, Lumina Dental, dentist Ultimo is the perfect clinic for you and your loved ones.

New Patient No-Gap Special

Our premium Comprehensive Check-up and Clean goes beyond the ordinary.

With an Eligible Health Fund: No-Gap*
Without Health Fund: reduced to $199 only (from $505)

Our approach is meticulously thorough, featuring our in-house MORITA X-ray and advanced technologies like the Airflow® Dental Spa, ensuring a comfortable experience. Our expert dentists conduct detailed assessments of your oral health with precise insights. We ensure your smile is not just healthy, but radiantly confident.

A Team of Professionals

Lumina Dental Checkup and Clean Specialist, Dr. Linda Yoon Chen.

Dr. Linda Yoon Chen

With more than 14 years in health care, Dr. Linda is highly experienced & skilled. Being a Korean Australian, Dr. Linda ensures all treatments are completed with aesthetic excellence.

A Dental Checkup and Clean expert at luminadental, Dr. Paul Ryu.

Dr. Paul Ryu

Dr. Paul is known by many as the most gentle and caring dentist. Being highly experienced and skilled, Dr. Paul ensures your visit is highly satisfactory. 

Delightfully Gentle, Extremely Comprehensive

Discover the Difference of Lumina Dental in Preventive Checkup and Clean

Lumina Dental Checkup and Clean Specialist Staff Working On a Patient

Thorough Dental Scale And Clean

We will conduct a thorough dental scaling and cleaning to meticulously remove any plaque, tartar and calculus accumulation from your teeth, ensuring the health of your gums. We are very thorough that we will ensure to remove the plaque and calculus hiding near your gum. Upon completion, you will notice your teeth feeling exceptionally clean and smooth. What a wonderful feeling. It can also assist to reduce swelling of gum due to the accumulation of plaque.
Lumina Dental Checkup and Clean airflow dental spa

AIRFLOW® Dental Spa

Bid farewell to traditional teeth cleanings that rely on metal scrapers and coarse pastes. Embrace a new era of dental hygiene with AIRFLOW® Dental Spa – where the best clean your teeth have ever experienced comes without any pain or discomfort. At Lumina Dental, this revolutionary technology is ideal for those with sensitive teeth, braces, or implants, and it’s a perfect choice for anyone who prefers to avoid the discomfort of conventional teeth cleanings. Gentle and comfortable, this is our promise.
A Patient at Lumina Clinic for Dental Checkup and Clean

In-house MORITA® 3D X Ray (CBCT)

We are proud to feature the MORITA 3D X-Ray (CBCT), a pinnacle of diagnostic technology. This state-of-the-art imaging system provides us with exceptionally detailed 3D views of your full-face structure, enabling unparalleled accuracy in dental diagnoses. Its advanced capabilities aid in identifying complex issues and planning precise treatments, ensuring that every aspect of your dental health is meticulously addressed.
Dental Checkup and Clean for a Patient at Lumina

Comprehensive Dental Evaluation and Discussion

With our high-definition intraoral camera, we capture numerous records during the cleaning process to enhance the visualisation of our assessments. This examination evaluates the health and state of your teeth, gums, tongue, and other soft oral tissues. A key aspect of this check is the screening for any signs of potential oral cancers or lesions in the soft tissues. Based on this comprehensive evaluation, we ascertain if there is a need for any additional dental treatments and personalised advice to guide your oral hygiene routine at home. You can also raise any dental concerns you may have and discuss with your dentist.

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Checkup and Clean with our

Healthy Smile For Life” program

We are excited to offer a lifetime reward for our clients who love their oral health and bright smile.

By choosing our teeth whitening treatment, you’ll receive Opalescence™ professional top-up whitening treatments for life every time at your half-yearly routine check-up and clean. This initiative is designed to encourage excellent oral hygiene and assist in maintaining both healthy teeth and a brilliantly white smile you can always feel proud of. 

That’s correct, it is that simple, at every half-yearly routine checkup and clean session, we will provide a professional top-up whitening kit at no extra cost.

To get you on the path to a brighter smile, we’re offering a discounted initial take-home whitening treatment, now just $359, reduced from the usual $635. There’s never been a more opportune moment to let your smile truly sparkle! Ask your dentist for more information.

Modern Clinic, Delightfully Relaxing

Step into our modern dental clinic in Ultimo, where elegance meets tranquility. Every details of the interior design are to create a serene and relaxing environment for you. Experience the perfect harmony of contemporary design and soothing ambiance, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind during each visit. No more anxious dental visits.

A QIP Accredited Dental Practice

Lumina Dental are Ultimo dentists providing you the highest quality dental care. We adhere rigorously to the Australian Dental Association’s stringent guidelines to ensure the highest standard of safety and hygiene. Looking for exceptional dentist near you? Book today with Lumina Dental Ultimo.

Dentist Ultimo, Conveniently located

Looking for the best dentist? Feeling Anxious about dental visits? Located at the intersection of William-Henry and Jones Street in Ultimo, Lumina Dental is a relaxing and modern dental clinic. Right next to Ultimo Public School, we are 3 minutes walk away from Conventional Centre Lightrail Station. We provide excellent dental care and services to Ultimo, Pyrmont, Glebe, Haymarket, Broadway and Forest Lodge. Your best dentist Ultimo, Lumina Dental.

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