Anxious Patients,

No More Fear With Dental Visits

Delightfully gentle, extremely professional. We understand that dental anxiety is real and necessary dental care sometimes being avoided. Therefore we have created an environment of comfort and reassurance. Lumina Dental is  equiped with latest dental technologies to ensure the treatments are carried out with comfort. Our dentists are trained to provide a calm, soothing experience. We are Ultimo dentists servicing Broadway, Forest Lodge, Ultimo, Pyrmont, Glebe, Haymarket and beyond. No more anxious dental visits, but a soothing journey to dental health. 

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We Are As Gentle As What Our Patients Say

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We Understand The Anxiety Is Real

Our Gentle Approach Combined With Latest Technology To Ease Your Fear

We’re well aware that dental anxiety can be a major hurdle, leading some patients to skip their appointments. This can unfortunately result in neglecting oral health, which may lead to more pain down the line. At Lumina Dental, we’re committed to breaking this cycle. Our team is not only skilled but also extremely gentle in their approach. We use innovative techniques like ‘Happy Gas’ (Nitrous Oxide) for relaxing sedation, and ‘the Wand’, a pain-free injection system, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure. These methods are effective for both adults and children, making your dental visits a worry-free experience. Our goal is to transform the way you think about dental care, moving away from fear and towards maintaining your oral health with ease and confidence.

Delightfully Gentle With Anxiety-Easing Technology

Discover the Difference of Lumina Dental For Anxious Patients

In-House 'Happy Gas' (Nitrous Oxide)

At Lumina Dental, we understand that visiting the dentist can sometimes provoke anxiety. That’s why we have in-house happy gas to help alleviate any fear or discomfort during your treatment. Our team prioritises your comfort and well-being, and believe that a relaxed environment contributes to a positive dental experience. With our safe and effective happy gas option, you can feel at ease knowing that your visit to Lumina Dental will be as comfortable as possible. Say goodbye to dental anxiety and hello to a brighter, healthier smile with us!

Lumina Dental Checkup and Clean airflow dental spa

AIRFLOW® Dental Spa

Bid farewell to traditional teeth cleanings that rely on metal scrapers and coarse pastes. Embrace a new era of dental hygiene with AIRFLOW® Dental Spa – where the best clean your teeth have ever experienced comes without any pain or discomfort. At Lumina Dental, this revolutionary technology is ideal for those with sensitive teeth, braces, or implants, and it’s a perfect choice for anyone who prefers to avoid the discomfort of conventional teeth cleanings. Gentle and comfortable, this is our promise.
Lumina Dental, Dentist Ultimo and Broadway utilises The Wand™ for pain-free, precise dental diagnostics, ensuring a comfortable patient experience.

Gemini™ Diode Laser

Discover Painless Precision with Lumina Dental’s Diode Laser Treatment. Elevate your dental experience with our advanced laser technology, offering faster healing, minimal discomfort, and remarkable accuracy for various procedures. Achieving quick, comfortable, and effective solutions.

Lumina Dental, Dentist Ultimo and Broadway utilizes The Wand™ for pain-free, precise dental diagnostics, ensuring a comfortable patient experience.

The Wand™ Pain-free Delivery Unit

Anxious patients? Not anymore. ‘The Wand’ painless injection system is designed to eliminate the discomfort of traditional needles, administers anaesthesia with a digital controlled delivery, ensuring a possible painless experience to reduces anxiety associated with injections. A relaxing and stress-free experience, redefining what it means to visit the dentist.

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