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Lumina Dental is proud to be the #1 dentist locally, genuinely rated by our clients. We are delightfully gentle and extremely professional. With our state-of-art facility & technology and comprehensive proficiency in general and cosmetic dentistry, we are confident to make your dental visit enjoyable and worthwhile.

Dental Fillings,

A Form of Art

Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures that dental practitioners undertake, but we take it very seriously. It’s a form of art at Lumina Dental. Highest Rated dentist servicing Ultimo, Pyrmont, Glebe, Haymarket, Broadway, Forest Lodge and beyond. 

Dental Fillings, Crafted to Mimic Natural Teeth

At Lumina Dental, dental fillings are more than just to fill empty spaces; it’s a form of art and a showcase of exceptional skill. Each filling is carefully crafted to mimic your natural teeth, ensuring that the work is virtually undetectable. At the same time, we carefully remove the decay, to ensure that no healthy surface is removed

More Than Just Filling An Empty Space

This careful attention to detail not only restores function but also preserves the seamless beauty of your smile, demonstrating that at Lumina Dental, a filling is much more than just a simple procedure—it is an aesthetic and functional perfection  precision. Lumina Dental, highest rated dentist Ultimo servicing Pyrmont, Glebe, Haymarket, Forest Lodge and beyond.  

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Dental Fillings With Lumina Dental

No More Trial and Error For Your Well-Being

Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures that dental practitioners undertake. However, at Lumina Dental, we practice it much better. We can fix chipped, broken, or decayed teeth as well as using composite bonding to improve the overall appearance of the teeth. We have a range of all different shades and shade match for each patient, so your tooth won’t look any different after you have the procedure done. Composite fillings are chemically bonded to the structure of the tooth for extra support, generally lasting 5-7 years before they will need to be replaced. Alternatively, you can choose to use other materials such a gold for maximum longevity. All our dental procedures including dental fillings are done in our calm, relaxing clinic and usually under local anaesthetic if necessary. This will ensure that your experience is as pain and anxiety free as possible.

Moreover to it, is our skills and experience to properly removing the decayed surface of the teeth without removing any health teeth excessively. This ensure the bonding of the dental filling is strong to maximise its longevity.

If you are considering teeth whitening after your filling, talk to our dentists about your treatment options before as dental filling materials are not designed to be whitened. We can plan ahead to achieve maximum results. 

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A QIP Accredited Dental Practice

Lumina Dental are Ultimo dentists providing you the highest quality dental care. We adhere rigorously to the Australian Dental Association’s stringent guidelines to ensure the highest standard of safety and hygiene. Looking for exceptional Forest Lodge dentist? Book today with Lumina Dental Ultimo.

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